Chris Nissen Update

On Monday Dean spent the whole afternoon with Dina, when he first arrived she was furious due to a few events over the weekend involving a church members daughter, after half an hour Dina had calmed down and we had a really constructive discussion followed by a great time of prayer. Bethany our FYP joined in for part of this which was great. Paula then had an excellent time on Tuesday night with Dina following up on some of the issues Dean had discussed with Dina. We feel this is such an amazing part of our ministry, to be involved as a family in CNP and we really thanks God for this.

This afternoon (Tues) Dean met a man called Vicky who says he wants to join our men's bible study group, so the growth of our group continues. Vicky was very open about his HIV status and is being very diligent in getting the right tests done and obtaining the right treatments. This is quite unusual in CNP and so it's refreshing to meet someone such as Vicky. The only problem with his diligence in seeking treatment is that Vicky is registered with two clinics and is receiving the same medicines twice! Dean was able to address this and hopefully Vicky will now concentrate on attending Ikhwezi clinic which is the closest one to CNP and is also where the ARV clinic is situated.

Michael was in court this morning regarding his housing issue (his father is seeking legal advice to have Michael & Joyce removed), the case has been postponed until the 9th of Feb, but Michael has already been informed (by whom we're not sure) that the deadline for moving out of the house is the end of Feb next year. Please pray for a miracle for Michael & Joyce, we'd dearly love to see them remain in CNP, pray too for Douglas (Michael's father) that he'd come to know God.

Our Table Mountain trip is on for this Sunday (4th), we're taking Paula's cell group and Dean's bible study group, most of who have never been up the mountain. We had planned to do this 3 weeks ago but the weather wasn't great so we postponed, after all, this will be a once in a lifetime trip for many of them so we want to make sure the trip is worth it. Please pray for fine weather and a cloud free Table Mountain on Sunday afternoon. We're leaving immediately after church in the morning and should be at Table Mountain between 12.30 and 1pm. Both of our groups are really excited about the trip.


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