CNP Men's Bible Study

We had an excellent morning looking at Job. We concentrated on the character of the man, looking at the first 2 chapters, a little at his interactions with his friends and then a bit more in depth at God's response in chapters 38 - 41 and finally God's amazing blessing on a man of great faith. Our study was followed by an excellent time of prayer which is so encouraging as I was struggling to get 2 men to commit to regular participation at the beginning of the year. Praise God! We now have between 8 & 9 men each week and look to be growing.

Vicky joined us this morning which was great and it looks like he will be a regular contributor once he's found his feet within the group.

We also had a great answer to prayer. Basil gets the container key for us in the mornings and said that Sandra (a community leader) wanted to see me today, so after our study Basil and I visited and she agreed that our use of the containers each week is fine. So again, Praise God!


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