We had our trip to Table Mountain yesterday after church for our respective groups. The weather was great, no cloud in sight and a very excited bunch of adults keen to experience the mountain (most for the first time in their lives!). We got to Table Mountain just before 1pm only to find that the cable car had been closed 10 minutes before we arrived due to gale force winds at the top of the mountain. We waited for almost an hour and had our picnic lunch, but there was no sign of the wind abating. Sadly we had to leave without actually getting up the mountain.

However, we did have a lovely drive along Chapman's Peak before heading home. Everyone had a good afternoon and our groups appear to have gelled even more than they already had which is great.

We will rearrange the trip to Table Mountain for Feb/Mar next year after the tourists have gone home and the weather has cooled down a bit (and the wind has dropped).

We got some nice photos and we'll post a few later this afternoon.


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