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We have been enjoying a very quiet family time since Christmas Day. We are loving getting to know Eli and he is settling quickly and well into a routine. As a result, we aren't too shattered and are able to enjoy some good family time. Joel has been enjoying playing with our next door neighbours' children who are 2 and 5 and has been taken out by a good friend of ours here one morning, whilst Paula looked after Eli and Dean did some studying! We rejoiced on Thursday to learn that Eli's birth mother officially signed her consent to release him to us for adoption.

Now starts the nail-biting 60 day window in which she could change her mind. Amazingly, as we have been praying specifically for her, we learnt that on that same day a woman who had given her baby up for adoption 15 years ago, went to stay the night in the same hostel and spent time with her talking about her decision and what a blessing it has been on all sides. How amazing is that! Please keep praying as we start the legal process of adoption. Various bits of paper work are already underway and we will probably be in court in the next 10 days for the first part of the process.

It is extremely hot here now and we are loving the heat, although it does leave Eli sleeping most of the time! Today we had a wonderful morning on the beach with our dear friends Pete, Ash and their 3 boys from Zimbabwe days. They now lead a church in Jo'burg and are enjoying a family holiday down in the Cape. It was excellent to catch up and to spend such a fun time in the glorious sun. Eli slept most of the morning in their little beach tent, so we were all happy! We ended the morning having lunch in McDonalds and thoroughly enjoyed seeing each other again. We'll not see each other now until the New Frontiers South Africa conference in April in Bloemfontein (we can't stay away from that place!)

We are looking forward to another week of holiday next week before things start to hot up again. Dean will still be going in to Chris Nissen on a couple of afternoons just to keep up the contact, but apart from that, we plan to enjoy being together, even if it must be at home.

We'll post some photos in the next day or so including some of a Christmas dinner Dean went to.

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  1. We shouldn't be surprised at the way God works, but I often am nonetheless!! It's amazing that lady meeting up with Eli's birthday mother and being able to share with her. You are all so in our prayers. L.O.L always


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