Let's Go Fly A Kite...

Dean has the rest of this week off so we're making sure we have lots of family time together, particularly making a point of spending time with Joel. So yesterday we went for a walk along the Lourensford River so Joel could throw some stones in (he loves doing that) and then we cut across to the sports fields so that Joel could try and fly his kite again. Thankfully the wind wasn't too strong so the kite flew really well. As you can see below, Joel really got the hang of the kite and he had a great time flying it.

Aftewards we had a detour past the local BMX / Skateboard ramp as Joel really enjoys watching the guys there. Sadly Joel appears to have inherited Dean's sense of humour and laughs himself silly when someone falls off. Being laughed at by a toddler can seriously dent the street cred of a 15 year old!

Joel flying his kite, what a backdrop! To see more visit our PhotoBlog; Finnie's in Focus

Walking home after a fun packed afternoon (don't worry, Dean was pushing Eli who merrily snoozed through all the fun)

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  1. Hmmm Joel's inherited his godmothers sense of humour too - I'm the sort of person that laughs when someone's skirt is tucked in their knickers, or if their umbrella blows the wrong way - keep at it kid, you'll get as good as me in time!!


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