New Year

Here's a quick snapshot of our New Year, we didn't stay up late as the kids were totally unaware of the fact that anything was going on and would be awake as usual in the morning. Dean cooked sirloin steaks with chips and salad, the steaks were marinated in a honey and mustard sauce which was lovely. We did allow Joel to stay up until about 9.30 to watch Stuart Little with us which he really enjoyed, otherwise it was just a normal evening.

Joel & Dad digging holes in the sand on Strand Beach. How else were we supposed to spend New year's Day?
Eli enjoying a bit of shade on the beach. Thankfully we've just invested in half tent which acts as a wind break and shade provider, so we'll probably be spending a bit more time on the beach this year.

Dean got to enjoy a real ale on New Year's Eve. If there is one thing he misses from the UK, this is it.

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  1. "old speckled hen" - that's no way to talk about Paula ..... YOUNG speckled hen maybe!


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