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These last few days in Chris Nissen have been really good in terms of time spent with people, but also in terms of putting life into perspective.

On Thursday last week we started our men's Bible study again after a long break. It was really good to catch up and hear everybody's news. Sadly, Cyril's cousin died earlier during the week, they shared their house in CNP, and now Cyril concerned about what will happen to the house as his cousin's family don't like Cyril very much. Also, Danny has been thrown out of his house, this is all very sad, but you may remember some of our posts about Anna Bop who died last year. Danny's house belonged to her, but after her death he remained in the house, but now Anna Bop's mother has sold the house. This is illegal in CNP as the properties belong to the CNP Trust, so now we're involved in sorting out this mess. Meanwhile Danny is staying with friends in the community but can't stay for long as his host are already severely stretched! Despite the bad news, I was really encouraged by the group and their attitudes and faith that as I drove home I realised that this group alone make my time in CNP more than worth it!

The men were all very supportive about my robbery (or bikejacking as it really was!) and they shared some of their stories. I quickly realised how lucky I was not to have been stabbed, probably because I'm white and clearly not South African. Apparently the thieves wait along the same track and attack folk returning to CNP from town as they know they have their grants on them or have some shopping. This is really outrageous but little is being done to put a stop to it.

Joyce (Michael's wife) has started drinking again, Michael is really struggling with this as Joyce changes in personality so much when she's drunk, often becoming verbally abusive. Michael feels so ashamed and hates the fact that this compromises his Christian witness in the community, but he just doesn't know how to handle it. We spent a long time talking this afternoon and finished of by praying which was great.

Dina has finally got her youngest daughter, Charlotte into pre-school at Dannie Ackerman school but is going to have to withdraw her as she can't afford the fees of R150 (£15) per month, this is crazy and yet it's reality for Dina and her family as they struggle to get by. Sadly, Dina is one of the better paid in CNP as she works for the ANC party, but still she's on the breadline each month!

Mama Jane is now drinking on a daily basis which is having a really negative impact on her family life, particularly her twin grandchildren. They have places at Emyezweni pre-school in Lwandle (run by our church) but Mama Jane is invariably too drunk to get the kids to school and when she does they are hugely late.

On the positive front, Donovan has had the charges against him dropped as the complainant failed to turn up in court, this is a triumph for common sense and 'natural justice', not that one can condone what Donovan did but one can certailny understand why he did what he did. I don't wish to be controversial but CNP without the Rastas controlling the crime would be over run with gangsters and drugs. Whether what the Rastas do is right legally is very debatable, but no one in the community denies that they alone serve the community in terms of keeping crime levels to a minimum. Maybe if the police could be relied upon and trusted more then there would be no need for the Rastas to dispense their own discipline. Contentious but this is reality in CNP!

We're not going to direct your prayers in this one, rather we'd ask that you pray for each of the people mentioned and draw out the points that you wish to pray for.

Many thanks!

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  1. Heya guys,

    Any news on Tyrone and his eye operation? Will keep praying for all of CNP, please send my love to Dina.



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