That's A Good One!

Eskom (South Africa's monopoly electricity provider) has just blamed a massive 12 hour blackout across the Western Cape on the recent fires and the mist which covered Cape Town this morning! Incredible!

We always thought that British Rail was pushing it when they blamed delays on 'leaves' or the 'wrong kind of snow' but Eskom really has BR licked when it comes to pathetic excuses!

Yes we're cross that we couldn't have a cup of tea when we got up this morning! At least church was interesting and our guest preacher (Adrian Holloway) coped admirably and lead 6 people Christ. Praise God!!!!!!

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  1. Shame about the early morning cup of tea, but great about six new people knowing Jesus. Talking of British Rail, a new excuse was on the news recently .... over the train tanoy it said "I am sorry that this train is going to be late as the driver is locked out of his cab!" I guess it is important he can get in the cab!!


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