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We've had an eventful few days moving house, as ever with such ventures, whatever can go wrong does go wrong, so our washing machine decided that it didn't like the new house and gave up on us, but not before it flooded the kitchen! Dean fell through the stairs on his way down, one step completely collapsed, but thankfully gravity was stronger than velocity so other than a gashed leg there was no real damage. In the midst of packing and moving we enjoyed a series of prolonged power cuts, generally losing the electricity for 7+ hours at a time which had a really negative impact on the jobs we needed to get done before and during the move. The cuts have finished for now but are due again in the next few months as the nuclear generators are repaired. Our phone eventually started working today only 10 days after it was supposed to!

We left our previous house spotless which is always good, our neighbours gardener sorted the garden out on Sunday, so it was ready to hand back to the agent this morning. Since being in the new house we've had loads to do and Dean has spent quite a bit of time trawling around the secondhand furniture shops and haggling over prices which has really paid off. So without spending too much we've managed to kit out Dean's study, the dining room and the playroom for the boys. Dean spent today painting the shelving units in primary colours to liven the room up a bit. Our previous house was incredibly small so we only had the bare minimum of furniture, so it's great to have a dining table again, and Joel appears to be enjoying the discipline of eating together away from the TV.

Joel seems to have taken the move in his stride, he did have a few 'episodes' of bad behaviour in the first few days but seems much more settled now and he's really enjoying the extra space. We're really enjoying the freedom of allowing Joel to roam freely around the garden knowing that he is totally secure. Our previous house was a bit of a disaster in this area as there was no gate at the front so we could only let Joel play outside when we could fully supervise him. Now he charges around on his little trike seemingly oblivious to how reckless he's being, but he's really enjoying himself. Eli's just interested in his milk so really isn't bothered by the move. He now weighs just over 6Kgs and at 9 weeks he's now out of the 0-3 months clothing we had for him! Eli is thriving magnificently and we are so pleased with him and the blessing he is to us as a family!

The weather has just taken an unexpected turn for the worst (or better depending on your perspective) with heavy rain tonight and more expected over the next few days, hopefully this does not mean winter is here early.

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  1. HI guys, glad you are back on line and to catch up on your news, been thinking of you loads. x


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