Wed Afternoon In CNP

Dean had an interesting afternoon in CNP on Wed. He started by visiting Peter (one of the men in Dean’s bible study), whilst there a fight erupted in the street outside a shebeen and Dean noticed that a young man named Colby was one of those fighting. Later he bumped into Colby and whilst they were talking it became clear that Colby was drunk. This is articularly sad as Colby is a young man who has just joined the police force and he has a bright future.

However, if he follows the path of so many CNP folk into drinking his future will be over before it’s begun. Dean hopes to catch up with Colby again later in the week to talk some more. Please pray that Colby would be able to avoid alcohol and those that drag him down to that level.

Dina is no where to be seen at present because she’s slaving away on behalf of the ANC (African National Congress) as it’s local election time. So we’re not expecting anything of her until March when the elections have finished. Please pray for Dina as she works incredibly hard for the ANC and we feel she is not properly rewarded for what she does. Pray too that she would be a real blessing to those whom she comes into contact with.

Dean’s afternoon finished with a great chat with Dirk (one of 2 white guys in CNP), Dirk was originally quite antagonistic towards Dean, until Dean took one of his neighbours to hospital (see post on Bep) from that time on they started to chat and then Dirk helped Dean out when he broke down one time. Sadly, shortly after this Dirk was rearrested for failing to comply with his probation conditions and so went back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence. Once he returned to CNP he got himself a job so Dean only saw him in passing, so to have an hour chatting was a real blessing. The really good news is that whilst in prison Dirk was saved! Praise God!!!


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