Weekend Fun

We've had a lot of fun over the weekend despite the fact that Paula was unwell on Thursday evening and Dean was unwell on Sat evening. We think the cause is a dead animal in a newly installed storm drain outside our house. The stench drifts into our house and has been giving us headaches for a while now. Unfortunately, the developer who installed it says it's the Body Corporate's responsibility, the Body Corporate says the developer is responsible so we're stuck in the middle whilst they sort it out.

Dean informed the Body Corporate manager that we were going to the municipality on Monday to get it sorted to which he received a horrified response along the lines of; that'll cost us a fortune! Nice to know the welfare of tenants features so highly!

Anyway, Joel had a ball over the weekend charging around outside on his bike with Dad and the neighbour's kids.

We hope you enjoy the photos, if you do you can see more at Finnie's in Focus

Joel & Dad playing 'catch you bike'

Joel & Timmy racing

Inspecting Joel's sore toe


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