Eli Can Travel!

Praise God!

Our prayers have been answered and Eli can accompany us to the UK in June! Today Dean flew to Jo'burg and then drove to Pretoria to get the document for Eli, all went very smoothly and wasn't too time consuming.

Dean has come home very tired but delighted with the result of his endeavour. We really appreciate all your prayers, God definitely smoothed the way and oiled the necessary cogs.

Dean also enjoyed a couple of great blessings, firstly, Avis upgraded his car rental so he was bombing around in a Nissan X-Trail for the day which was good. Then on the way home the plane had to circle False Bay whilst waiting to land in Cape Town, so he got a brilliant aerial view of the Hottentots Holland mountains, Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula as well as the Helderberg Basin. Tourists pay big bucks to get that view in a helicopter! The plane was quite low so some of the larger marine life were quite visible in the bay.

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  1. This initiative, these photos, they really are God's love in action arn't they! Praise God for Hertford Baptist Church too!


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