Food Parcels

Over the last few months we've been delivering food parcels to some of the neediest folk in Chris Nissen. We have fairly strict criteria as to who qualifies so as to avoid unnecessary conflict (not always successfully) and also to ensure that we really do target those in need. To ensure that this happens we work through relationship with some faithful Christians in the community whom we know we can rely on. We really thank God that we have such a circle of trusted friends in CNP!

The food parcels contain basics such as 5kgs of rice, cooking oil, sugar, samp etc. and a few goodies, the idea being that one food parcel will enable a family of 4 or 5 to eat for a full month.

Henna & Paula shopping for the food

The kids like to help unload the car in CNP

He knows he'll get a sweet for being a star

What it's all about.. families coming to get their food parcels

Enough food for a month

This initiative is made possible by the generous support of Hertford Baptist Church


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