Ouma Sophie's Shack

With the onset of winter those who are living in 'informal' accommodation in Chris Nissen Park begin to suffer. You can see from the photos below the reality of life for Ouma Sophie. Life is hard enough without the extra pain and suffering brought on by the cold and rain. Sadly, this is not an isolated case in the community, but at least in this particular case we are able to rejoice as one of our church members has offered a small wendy house to Ouma Sophie so we're hoping to get it sorted out early next week. Praise God!

Ouma Sophie in the doorway of her shack. The buckets are collecting drips and you can clearly see a puddle in the doorway

The view from the 'bedroom' looking towards the front door

The shack from outside

Ouma Sophie's kitchen!

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  1. These pictures make us realise how "rich" we are in material ways ... and what daft things we complain about.


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