Chris Nissen Social

We had a 'Soup Social' at church last Friday for the folk in Chris Nissen whom we are directly involved with, church members, the men from Dean's bible study group and the ladies from Paula's cell group plus children.

A good fun evening was had by all and we plan to hold a few more socials in our efforts to get our church members and other Christians in the community to unite and stand together.

Hopefully they'll begin to realise that the devil is the real enemy rather than their brothers & sisters in Christ. We decided to do this on the back of our recent cell meeting in CNP when Dean addressed the issues of gossip & jealousy which are two of the biggest hindrances to our work with the community.

After the soup, fun & games ensued

Not everyone was amused!

The kids were catered for

Trevor, Cyril & Quinton compete to make 'something'


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