Eli's Dedication

On Sunday we had Eli dedicated at St. George's Weald. We decided to have the dedication in the UK rather than SA as family are here and we want them to be involved in Eli's life. The service was excellent and was followed by a massive lunch which several good friends joined us for. Many thanks to Lisa for putting so much effort into a magnificent spread!

Three generations of family, L to R: Lisa, Stephen, Dean, Joel, Paula & Eli, Grandad, Bethany & Susannah. Sadly, India was hiding behind the tree and Jo was sick so couldn't make it.

The 'New & Improved' Finnie family

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  1. Yep, the food was great (thanks Lisa!), the service was lovely, and we approve of the "new and improved Finnies" (to quote them!). Fab to spend time with the boys too!


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