Bell Valley Graduation

After 2 years of working with Chris Nissen, we're fed up of regularly hearing about so and so who does such and such in CNP, we probably hear such rubbish at least once a week and it's never true. However, recently an organisation called Bell Valley Initiative went into CNP with a view to undertaking a needs assessment prior to actually working with the community. We're pleased to say that they have stuck with it and have now completed their needs assessment and will shortly begin working in CNP in earnest. This makes a welcome break from hearing about things that aren't actually happening.

Also, the community have reacted positively to this and this should create a good basis for their work. Initially Bell Valley worked through Dina and then gathered a team of volunteers who undertook the needs assessment for them. After a while there was also some financial incentive for the volunteers which always helps. So now the assessment is complete and the volunteers have been trained, it was time for a graduation ceremony in the community. We've attended many events in the community which on the whole are poorly organised and dreadfully attended, invariably due to jealousy and problems amongst the usual 'warring' factions, but yesterday's ceremony was well organised, well attended and seemingly free from petty squabbles and jealousies which are be so destructive.

The local rag turned up to record the event so there should be a goo spread in next weeks paper. Also, Chris Nissen turned up to present the 'graduation' certificates to the volunteers which was brilliant! Chris is very well loved by the community and his presence always helps to lend a large degree of credibility to events.

The tent (in Palace colours) put up for the ceremony

Welcome banner with the volunteers names

Dina kicks of the proceedings

A song for the community

A good attendance

Chris Nissen presents the certificates

Chris with the Bell Valley team, including volunteers and staff. Sandra is on the left with Chris and Dina is on the Right


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