Blogging Works!

This posting is aimed at those back home who still don't really get what Blogs and Blogging (yes that really is a verb) are all about.

My post below talks a bit about the interaction between bloggers on the web, and this post will hopefully demonstrate a little more as to how it can work.

As you can see from the 'Counter Stats' page, someone has visited our Blog via a search on Technorati (I'm not going to explain that). They were searching for 'Newsnight' and our Blog came up because of the post immediately prior to this one.

I've then clicked on their search link to see exactly what they were searching for and 'hey presto' the Technorati page appears with the full results (or at least the first page) of their search. I've highlighted our Blog in red.

Hopefully this gives you an idea as to how Blogging can and does work. There are many other ways in which one can track who's visiting and from where but our method is simple and free. However, it is quite cool to be able to follow people around and to interact at a level that simply was not possible just a short time ago.

Whilst we're not 'geeks' we're still keen to get involved in this kind of stuff and you really don't have to be very technically savvy to do it.


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