What Is Blogging About?

There are a number of reasons for Blogging, some perfectly reasonable and some just downright voyeuristic, but equally these reasons can be applied to why people read Blogs.

We Blog as a cheap, simple and hopefully effective way of keeping in touch with friends and family back in Blighty. However, we know that our Blog is regularly read by others in far more exotic locations, which is quite exciting – for us at least!

In essence, any Blog has to be about communicating (as ours is) and being read. If we’re writing and no one is reading then surely we could spend our time more constructively in other ways? Cup of tea anyone?

So why am I writing this post at all? Well, recently I was reading a post entitled: “We’re watching you” on Daniel Pearl’s Blog, he’s the editor of Newsnight (a BBC2 news analysis programme) in which he raised the issue of Blogging and its impact on the media and the BBC in particular. He then went on to discuss some issues relating to confidentiality and who reads Blogs. He also made the point that if you post about the BBC on a Blog, don’t be surprised if the BBC then read your Blog.

I thought his post was excellent (and recommend you read it click here) and was struck by the seeming naivety of people who Blog but don’t expect their Blogs to be read by a wider audience than their few friends. So impressed was I that I left a comment on the post and was delighted to see that as a direct result of that comment, someone had visited our Blog as you can see from the ‘referring URL’ in the picture below (number 9).

All we need now is to upgrade our site counter and we can find out whether it was someone at the BBC or a third party that viewed our Blog. Either way, I hope they found this Blog to be a blessing.


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