Break... What Break?

We certainly hit the ground running when we got home. Joel is back in the swing of nursery and friends which is great, he certainly seems to have got his rhythm back. Eli is about to start at a weekly baby group with Paula, whilst Paula has had to debrief our last FYP volunteer as well as juggle life.

Dean spent Monday afternoon in Chris Nissen visiting his friends and saying 'Hello' & catching up with many people. It was great to be there again and we definitely feel affirmed that this is where God wants us to be which is great as there is no better place to be!

On Tuesday morning Dean took one of the old men to the local clinic and this afternoon will be taking a lady to the hospital to have her dressings changed. In many respects it feels like we've never been gone.

Dean was really chuffed to go mountain biking again last night, especially as he bought a few bike bits in Blighty to make things better and more interesting. Dean simply won't shut up about how good his shoes and clips are as they made a huge difference to the cycling experience. He also bought a wireless computer so has been regaling any who will listen about how fast he went and how long they rode for etc. etc.

We're both really looking forward to meeting with our respective groups tomorrow morning as we've really missed them a lot. We've also brought some packets of Chocolate Hobnobs for them so hopefully they'll enjoy an British treat.


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