Final Countdown

We're in the last 24 hours of our time here in the UK as we fly out of Heathrow around 7pm on Saturday. Things are getting a bit tense in our house as we struggle with the packing and making sure that we're within our weight allowance, thankful we have just over 100Kgs allowance to return with which is a blessing.

Joel has definitely picked up on all the activity and has milked the situation to his advantage but you can't blame him. He is really excited that after 1 more sleep he'll be home and after 2 sleeps he'll see Nata and all his friends at Twinkle Tots.

We've already said goodbye to Grandad as he was off to Cornwall this morning and we've also said goodbye to Bethany (Joel's favourite cousin) who's away for the weekend. We've also just said goodbye to Jo (Paula's younger sister) who had a good afternoon with the boys.

Tomorrow morning we'll have some time with Richard & Sal (Joel's Godparents) which will be fun especially for Joel (but also for us), then we'll spend the last few hours with family before departing for the airport.

Needless to say this is always a stressful time and not particularly pleasant, but 'goodbyes' never are and they don't get any easier. However, we're very excited to be getting back and stuck into the work and to see all our friends again, especially the folk in Chris Nissen, Dean will be there on Monday afternoon.


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