Alone With God!

We had an excellent ladies cell group last Thursday. Thank you so much for all the prayers as God is speaking to us in a wonderful way this term. I have decided to bite the bullet and we are studying Mark's gospel this term. We are literally reading a chapter and a half each week at home and coming to the group with our thoughts, insights and questions. I knew this was risky as several of my ladies can't read, but they are really doing so well. Those who can are reading to those who can't and everyone is coming ready to share. We are having the most interesting and lively discussions. It is also so good and powerful to read God's Word together each week in the group.

On a lighter note, last week we were talking about how even Jesus needed to withdraw to quiet places to be alone with his Father. I asked the ladies where they go or what they do to have complete solitude with God. The answer was cross-culturally unanimous and without any pre-discussion - the LOO!!! My deep and spiritual input into this discussion as group leader(!) was my spoken realisation that I have indeed been able to go to the loo alone for about the last 6 months until last week when my dear latest addition decided that he can now crawl with a vengeance and won't leave me alone!!! Good to know that God really doesn't care about these little things isn't it!!


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