Nothing Of Note

We've not Blogged anything of note for a while now, mainly because we've been busy but also because sometimes we experience things that it's simply not appropriate to write about very publicly - and we're not going to elaborate now!

Dean had a great 40th Birthday and party. We had promised to post some photos, unfortunatley we were enjoying ourselves too much to bother taking any! So all we can post here is the invite for you to marvel at.

Dean's birthday celebrations have been ongoing over a week & a bit and concluded on Monday when Paula had arranged for the boys to be looked after whilst we went for lunch in Franschoek. Then, halfway through the meal, Paula informed me that we were staying the night! Wicked!! My only concern here is the depths of my wife's deceipt! I had no idea!!!!

A while ago we Blogged about our need to change Dean's little car for a 'Bakkie' or pickup. We had an amazing response from you and have acquired a 'Corsa' bakkie. Already this has had a big impact on our work in CNP so we are really thankful for this amazing blessing!

Joel was delighted the other day when he discovered a big spider in the garage, needless to say Paula wasn't too thrilled. We took a photo of it to prove how big some of these critters really are...

A scarey critter!

That's quite big!


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