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Please pray for Dean as he's struggling with his third bronchial infection in a short space of time. Dina and others in Chris Nissen have nagged him to have a TB test so he'll go and get that done on Monday. Dean's sure he hasn't got TB especially having read up on the symptoms. However, it is possible that he keeps getting ill from his incredibly regular contact with TB sufferers in CNP. After his last illness Dean had barely recovered when he took a few TB patients to the clinic in his car. Such close proximity when your immunity is low is not great! Please pray for a sustained period of good health for him.

This morning Dean struggled out of bed (what a martyr!) and went with Michael to Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town to hear Terry Virgo speak. As ever Terry was excellent and Dean felt very blessed to have been there. Michael had a good time too and was delighted to meet Terry at the end. Terry spoke about Newfrontiers, what it is and where it may or may not be going. This was a great time especially as the Newfrontiers churches in the Western Cape are struggling at the moment with Newfrontiers and their perception of what the movement has become. Terry spoke really clearly and hopefully those who are feeling hurt and bruised through the last few months will come to realise that they need to exercise grace, forgive and then move forwards as part of the family of Newfrontiers. Again, please pray for this, especially on Tuesday when there will be a meeting between our elders and Newfrontiers to try and resolve some of these issues. Pray that God's grace would abound!!

Joel's had a fun afternoon watching Ice Age 2 which was his choice from the video store. Dad tried to convince him to get the Incredibles (again) but Joel was adamant. Hmm, wonder where he gets that from????? Eli's now got 2 teeth and is looking very proud of himself but the dribbling continues unabated! When does it stop?

Paula will try and Blog some stuff about life and CNP shortly, so watch this space.....


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