For our entire time here we've been striving to network with other agencies and organisations (role players) to ensure a cohesive strategy in Chris Nissen. Part of our desire is too also wipe out any duplication of service into the community so as to strengthen the planned outreaches of the various groups involved. Frustratingly our efforts at building a network have been fairly fruitless and there are a couple of fairly obvious reasons for this. Firstly, besides ourselves as Helderberg Christian Church, there is no other agency or organisation which is in the community on a regular and committed basis.

 Secondly, the few that are involved in anything consistent are either 'protective' of their little piece or their reaching out to the many cats and dogs by feeding them. That is a whole other issue which needs to be addressed!

Almost on a weekly basis we hear of 'meetings' which took place between the various role players in the community, but Dean is never invited to these meetings, much to the annoyance of some key players in the community. There is one main reason for this; Dean would (unintentionally) embarrass the participants of such meetings as his presence would highlight the fact that these meetings are in fact 'talking shops' and nothing more. All very frustrating!

Yesterday could have been bit of a breakthrough in this area... Dean spent quite a bit of time speaking with the local Christian counseling centre (not for the first time!) about some activities they have planned for early next year. At the end of the conversation, they promised to liaise with Dean regarding their future involvement in CNP which could also benefit our planned Home Based Care Team. Could this be the start of something new? We really hope so. For too long individuals have been doing their own thing and then dining out on the experience, much to the annoyance and frustration of the community.

Please pray that our efforts to network amongst all the interested and active role players would be fruitful so that God's kingdom may be enlarged within the community.


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