Home Based Care Training

Saturday morning was the start of the realisation of a dream Paula has been carrying for Chris Nissen Park over the past 2 years. In the last 6 months the ladies in her cell group have received 2 sessions of HIV/AIDS awareness training and this was capped on Saturday by a whole morning of Home Based Care training. Over her months of visiting people in CNP it has become all too evident that many of the ladies are in fact doing the job of a home based carer with very little (or no) training, few resources and less than ideal environments.

Her dream is to set up a small team (probably 2 or 3 women) who will daily visit the terminally and chronically ill in CNP. These women will be well trained and resourced, hopefully paid a little and most importantly, be full of God and of the Holy Spirit. Saturday served to start down the road of finding out who is really interested and up for the role as well as providing practical education.
Paula was thrilled with the turnout. Nineteen women from CNP attended and all the feedback so far has been positive and full of enthusiasm. The session was led by Nicky Welsh, former member of our church who is moving to be part of a new church plant in Durban. Nicky is very skilled in this type of training and has a real gift of being able to meet women where they are at. We discussed some very delicate and intimate subjects such as preventing HIV transmission, how to wash and dress a dead body and how to help someone to die, in terms of making memory boxes etc. etc.

So, please pray with us that the rest of the dream will be realised next year. We need our church to come fully on board. We need finance to provide the resources that we will need monthly - probably in the region of £100 per month. We would love finance to pay the women and we really need to find the 'right' women ie: those with their heart and motivation in the right place.

The ladies with Nicky (front row with flowers) who led the training


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