CNP & Picnic

Having Grandad and Lesley to stay is a lot of fun but especially so for Joel. He seems to be loving every minute spent with Grandad and it's a real pleasure and privilege to watch the relationship blossom!

We've been really busy since they arrived and yesterday afternoon we went into Chris Nissen to meet some of our friends. This is always an emotional time, but yesterday was especially so as Vissy was really poorly, but seeing Eli brightened her up incredibly.

Also, Aunty Mekkie was crying loads as she explained that receiving the food hamper from church meant that she had full food cupboards for the first time in her life! Wow, praise God!!

Today we went to Vergelegen wine estate for a picnic in the camphor forest, the location was idyllic, the food sublime, the weather perfect an the company wasn't too bad either.

Eli & Joel watching a dog

Dina & Paula

Lytton & Joel, they get on well and know each other from church

Chatting with Michael

Joel sporting a trophy on his knee

With Aletta

Paula, Dina, Grandad & Aletta

Lunch in the camphor forest at Vergelegen

Relaxing on a bench

Joel trying to catch a fish in the fountain

Rough & tumble with Grandad

Having a laugh


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