La Petite Ferme

On Tuesday the boys were looked after for the day whilst we went to Franschhoek with Grandad & Lesley. We had a great morning mooching around the shops followed by a superb lunch at La Petite Ferme (one of the top 10 restaurants in South Africa) where the views are as god as the food! The rest of the day was spent taking the scenic route home via Villiersdorp and Grabouw, a fantastic drive through the mountains and lakes.

The view from La Petite Ferme


  1. Hey guys,
    Looks like you've had a lovely Christmas. I can't help but feel the weather makes your photos look that much better ;) It's been a pretty mild winter so far here however at times I would much rather be in CPT than here!

    I'm loving the Panoramic shot from Franschhoek. Which software do you use to stitch your shots together? I've been using a collcetion of software called AutoPano-Sift/Hugin/Enblend which works very well. The latter piece of software especially as it will blend the lines which you have in this photo. It's almost magical! I will put a few recent shots on my blog in the next couple of days.

    Good to hear that Tyrone's eye op has finally taken place. It's sad that the whole process has taken so long to finally sort but I bet he is now even more joyful and lively!

    Lots of love to you all and wish you (and the rest of the brits/lone kiwi) all the best for the new year,

    T x

  2. Hi Tim, Christmas was great thanks. Hope you had a good one too!

    The panoramic was done using Canon's own software (we all know they make superior cameras ;)) but if you could let me have details of some other software that would get rid of the join marks that would be great.

    Bless you mate!

    Dean & Co


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