New Year's Eve

We had a lot of fun on New Year's Eve which was mainly about the kids and having fun with them. We did the same as last year and allowed Joel to stay up a bit later and watch a film with us. This year we watched Hook which had Joel spellbound! He started watching it in his Simba costume but had to change into his Pirate costume quite early on!

We had his Cpt Hook, Peter Pan, Wendy & Tinkerbell puppets with us and as each character appeared we gave them to Joel so he really began to understand who his puppets are. This really was a lot of fun and we probably derived more pleasure from watching Joel than we did from watching the film.

For the first time in several years we actually made it to midnight. We generally find it's not worth it with young children who really are not interested in how late you did or didn't go to bed etc as they'll still be up early and ready to play!

Mummy taking it very seriously

Eli tried his first pair of sandals and quickly got the hang of them

We think he's gorgeous!

Joel & Grandad

Simba watching Hook with Cpt Hook

Joel the pirate


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