Chris Nissen Update

We've not posted on the Blog for a few days as we never seem to find the time or when we do we're just too tired to say anything worth writing.

Family life continues to be great, both boys are blossoming at their respective nurseries. Joel astounds us by the day with what he's learning. He comes out with some real pearls of wisdom and often has us cracked up. Eli loves going to his nursery/crèche run by Leanne, a friend from church. He's supposed to be moving at Easter to the same nursery Joel went to but given how happy he is we're reconsidering the move.

Life in Chris Nissen remains as complex as ever! Sadly our church members are falling out with each other again which means that we're constantly walking on eggshells as we attempt to broker peace and work with all of our members. We constantly hammer the point that if the Christians in CAP can't get on together then we will never win the community for Christ! The message seems to be falling on deaf ears at present. Sadly, it's not just our church members who are at each others throats but Christians from all the churches represented in CNP are at loggerheads with each other. Ho hum! This is a huge prayer need. Pray for unity amongst the brethren in CNP and especially amongst our church members.

My bible study group is going really well. This term we're following the material being used by the rest of the church small groups and on weeks when we meet but they don't we're continuing with our studies on Daniel. I now have four church members in the group, two of whom come from Lwandle, this is great for shaking things up a bit and lends a cool multi cultural edge to the group. Recently some of the guys have really grown in their faith which is really exciting. The most exciting recent development though occurred last week as we were looking at the Grace of God. Last time we looked at this (nearly two years ago) the group didn't grasp it at all. On Wednesday Michael had clearly grasped the concept and it is making a real difference in his life. Praise god for this!

Despite the problems between some of our church members we're seeing others really maturing their faith. Dina is definitely amongst those who are growing spiritually and we're really excited by what we see God doing in the lives of some of our friends in the community. We just wish that all the Christians were maturing in their faith and growing in God!

Our Home based Care project is really taking off which is amazing as we've not officially launched it nor do we have any funds from church yet. Paula is meeting with Wesley this afternoon to discuss the proposal regarding this. Again this is a real prayer need as we really need the church to get on board with this, especially as the project is already being run under the name of the church. Pray that the elders would grasp what we're trying to do and that they would get behind the project with moral and financial support.


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