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We started the process of applying for permanent residence this morning and so embarked upon a long and slow journey with Home affairs which could take up to 3 years to complete! Hopefully things will go a bit quicker than that as we're applying on kinship grounds and as such the paperwork we have to provide is very minimal.

However, we feel that this process will require a lot of patience and even more prayer to ensure that all goes well. Please pray that things would go smoothly. We can't actually submit our application until we've received Eli's full birth certificate - whoever decided that birth certificates should be made available in 'short' and 'full' formats should be shot! - which we applied for this morning as well as applying for a full passport for him. We should receive the birth certificate and passport in 6 - 8 weeks so after that we'll submit the residency application. Please pray!

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  1. Hi Dean! I will pray for you and hope that all things will go smoothly!
    BTW Could I please ask you to change the link to my blog? I've moved to the new Blogger version... it's www.abspoel.blogspot.com now Blessings from the Netherlands!


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