Oscars And Bits

Well no we haven't won an Oscar (although some of Eli's tantrums could well be nominated!), actually our Blog is now listed at Oscar which is a UK based online mission resource, so well worth taking a look at.

Got to rush as I'm off early for a ride before the manic day ahead; leadership training session followed by birthday party and stuff.
Please pray for my (Dean's) 3rd upper left molar, I've finally had it sorted after 2 previous dentist couldn't find the problem. Turns out it's cracked in several places, so the dentist has drilled and filled in the hope that if the pain is gone he'll then cap it, but at the moment it still hurts. If the pain continues I'll have to have root canal which might not work, so a straightforward extraction may be the best and cheapest option. I'd quite like to hang on to my own teeth for as long as possible, so please pray for healing for it.


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