Saturday didn't start too well as Joel was running from the kitchen to the lounge and slipped on the tiles smacking his mouth against the step - Ouch! There was much blood and screaming so Dean took him to casualty (a private and expensive affair) where he was brilliant for the doctor! It looks like he will lose both front teeth but thankfully all will heal quite quickly and no stitches were needed.

In the afternoon we all went to Morgen's birthday party. Morgen is one of Joel's friends from School, but Paula and Morgen's mum have known each other for a couple of years. Much fun was had by everyone, especially a few of the parents who took over the inflatable slide. Needless to say much juvenile fun was had!

Sunday morning in church was brilliant! Things are definitely happening in church and it's exciting to be a part of. Watch this space for further developments! On Sunday afternoon Joel was desperate to do a puppet show for us and took great lengths to ensure he introduced it properly (see the video below). We did eventually get a brief show but the real performance was in the build up. A career in Hollywood could be in the offing as he's grasped the concept of hype. Eli had been out of sorts all weekend so our GP saw him for the 3rd weekend in a row and prescribed more antibiotics for yet another ear infection.

The car also decided to mess us about on Sunday afternoon with the power steering packing up. The tow truck took the car away this morning and we wait with baited breath to see what the damage will be.

Hopefully we'll have a nice quiet weekend next week as Paula will be in Durban.

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  1. What a long introduction! Where's the puppet show Joel?!! I wish I was allowed to sit in such a relaxed position at school as Mrs Walsh!


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