The big news is that I'm now down to 92Kgs, that's a loss of 5Kgs so far. The target remains 85Kgs so we're headed in the right direction.

The regular riding is definitely helping as is the change in diet. amazingly I'm actually enjoying the changes and don't miss snacking on an entire packet of biscuits opting instead for a banana. The riding continues to get easier and consequently more enjoyable. One of my secret joys is the comments from other riders, especially the fit ones. Last week I was riding with a friend and as we were half way up a 20 minute hill I was chatting away (a new development for me, I used to be dying at that point) when I heard my friend puffing & panting. On asking if he was OK? he asked me to slow down so he could keep up. Not words I would ever have expected to hear especially from a guy almost 10 years younger on a fully carbon bike!

Pride comes before a fall, so I'll not boast any more, however I will try and take some photos this week of my rides as not only do I have the joy of getting fit, I get to enjoy some truly stunning scenery which beats staring at the wall in the gym!

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  1. Hi there, just catching up on the last couple of weeks' worth. Good stuff. Martin splashed out on a new mountain bike a while ago, he was riding a second hand heap, complete with dodgy gears and no brakes. When I first met him he did no exercise at all and weighed rather a lot too much, so we made a deal that when he got down to the 100 I would buy him a scary dessert from the Beefeater. Now he's in the mid 90's and the dessert is on the list for when we're next back in the UK! But we're enjoying cycling around Cordoba, it's the best form of transport round here.


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