The View From Here - Pt 1

Inspired by a feature in another Blog: Following An Unknown Path listed on I've decided to do a short series entitled; 'The View From Here' in which we'll post photos of the various views we enjoy throughout the day in the passage of our lives at work and play.

I'm starting with a few photos taken this morning whilst at 'play' in Jonkershoek where I was mountain biking at sunrise, yes I'm mad - before you ask! I had dropped some friends at the airport and went on from there. Above is a panoramic taken from the top of the first big hill I ride up, it's a 20 minute slog so the view compensates nicely for the effort.

This is part of the view looking up the first big hill. The track goes above the tree line and can be seen to the left of the tree in the middle.

I often stop in the forest just to enjoy the sound of silence. This the view of single track winding through the trees. On one of my first rides I hit a tree and fell down the hill!

One of the more exciting bits of single track making for a great view.


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