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Here's the first installment of holiday photos and stuff. One of the joys of the farm and the Montagu area is that there are lots of mountain bike trails, so there's much fun waiting to be had. I did several small rides around the farm as sadly the website had oversold their '3 Mountain Bike Trails' which turned out to be almost non-existent.

I was able to ride over a few hills and into the neighbouring farm in the next valley but apart from that most of my rides were spent trying to hack a way through the fynbos, which is only fun for a few minutes until your legs are gashed open.

We had a bout of illness towards the end of the holiday and together with the fairly bad tumble I had down one hill my riding wasn't as good as I had hoped. However, I did manage a 40km ride over the Oubergpad Pass which involved a spectacular ride through the mountains and around the back of the town. This was a fun ride as the first 20km's were all uphill and the 2nd half was all downhill, superb!

Almost at the top of the old pass and the scenery is stunning

The old dam which burst causing Montagu to flood some years ago. This was on the way down

Remarkably I managed to lose some weight despite being on holiday and indulging in some very good cheese and wine and I'm now down to 88kg's! Three more to go to my target weight and I am really pleased with myself.

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  1. Way to go! I'm sure it feels great. I'm still going strong - but I have about 10 pounds to go until I'm at a (somewhat random) target weight of 200 lbs.


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