Life In Perspective

It's so great to live with a 4 year old!! Not only are they the boss, they know it all and they live in a fantasy world - how brilliant. Whilst we run around worrying about life, the rent, what to eat, cars breaking down etc. Joel is fighting imaginary battles with Captain Hook and watching at every twist and turn for the crocodile. He will not go out without his sword and would in fact prefer to be in full Peter Pan costume no matter how hot it is. He will relent and wear school uniform only because he knows that his little Peter Pan and Captain Hook figures are in his school bag all morning just outside the classroom window! He is never happier than when he plays with his pirate ship whilst watching Peter Pan the movie. When playing outside he is always flying and changes his happy thought daily.

Meanwhile Eli (either aka 'Michael' or a lost boy depending on Joel's mood) is completely oblivious to this world and just wants to play with anything that Joel is playing with - oh the dramas!! We definitely qualify for some Oscars in our house! Eli, at 16 months is definitely the liveliest, funniest person I know. He was created to keep adults on their toes and gives new definition to the term "having eyes at the back of your head". Rarely will he cry when his impossible little physical schemes come crashing down around him... he just gets up, looks around, shakes himself down, laughs and carries on! We haven't yet found much (if anything) that he doesn't eat, apart from all the stuff of course that he can't eat because of his eczema and therefore desires to the point of rage at times. He really is a pleasure to cook for! He entertains everyone at his play group and is just so full of fun it is infectious.

So, the parents' (Wendy and Captain Hook!) lives are really very boring and insignificant in comparison... perhaps Joel will one day dictate something that we can type for you from his perspective. Now there's a thought.


  1. Hi, I found your blog via someone's, can't remember who now. South Africa must be an interesting place.

    I took a look at some of your photos, some of the country looks a lot like Texas, west of San Antonio. Other parts look like southern California.

    I hope your mission work is going well. I'm sure there's plenty to keep you busy.

    I live in suburban Houston. My wife and I have a big family that we home school. There's quite a few people that do that here in Texas.

  2. Hi Gordon,
    Thanks for stopping by, we're always amazed to see how far and wide our visitors come from.

    God Bless


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