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After a dreadful bout of measles I seem to be almost 100% which is a relief! I managed to ride in Jonkershoek for 2 hours on Saturday morning with a friend and it was great to be on the bike again after two weeks of inactivity. Thankfully my fitness levels weren't overly impacted by the sickness and I was able to climb the big hills with no problems.

My weight seems to have settled around the mid 80kg area weighing in at 87kg's this morning which I'm well pleased with. My VO2Max remained unaffected by the measles too so after a two week break I can once again get on with some serious riding and training as I'm planning to enter a few races in the coming months with the guys I was supposed to ride with in the Krakadouw race. I'm itching to get out there in the mountains!!


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