Big Joel, Little Joel

A while ago we had Joel Bird stay with us for a few days as he enjoyed a long weekend break from his time with Scripture Union in Jo'burg. Joel had to return to the UK a bit earlier than expected so he spent his final night with us before leaving. The boys were really chuffed to see Joel again and Eli took a real shine to him. I know Joel's parents will read this, so just to let you know that it was a rela pleasure to have Joel stay, he's a real credit to you!

Busted! Joel & Eli had to share whilst big Joel was in Eli's room. We heard much laughter at 6.30am and caught Joel in Eli's cot reading to him

The rain let off for a while to let us play outside before church

Eli's turn to impersonate Shrek

Eli & big Joel looking at photos

Where's he gone?

Boo! Joel playing with the offering basket

Joel & Joel swordfighting, little Joel was delighted to have someone to really fight with

We had a lot of fun

Big Joel reading to little Joel & Eli

A rare family snap

Eli & big Joel


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