Project Fix It

Starting tomorrow we're launching 'Project Fix It' in which we want to bless our church members living in the local townships by fixing up their houses to make them more tolerable for winter. Many of our members can't come to church in the mornings because they're too cold or wet. So, Dean has enlisted/conscripted a number of folk to come and undertake simple repair jobs such as replacing windows, fixing leaky roofs etc.

 At the same time we'll have a number of church folk visiting people in the community to pray with them and share the gospel. We'll also have a small team who will play with the children particularly in Chris Nissen. We want to bless the whole community but we also want to make sure we meet the most basic needs amongst the believers first. This project will run for the next two Saturdays so please join us in praying for success both practically and spiritually. We'd love to see people saved and added to the church as a direct result of the blessing being poured out in the communities.

This afternoon Dean went to buy most of the materials we need and the bakkie was severely weighed down with sand, cement, doors, toilets etc. We'll be meeting at the church building at 8.45 to allocate the jobs and pray before going into Chris Nissen, Lwandle and Broadlands.

We'll post some photos and stories in the next few days.

Apologies to Bob the Builder

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