Shortest Day

Today is the shortest day (for those of us in the Southern hemisphere) which means that winter should be about half done, but one never knows! Today was unseasonably warm (quick run out and panic about carbon and slap some tax on something!) and a really beautiful day. One of the joys of African winters are the stunning skies. The Southern Cape is the only part of the continent where it rains in winter, but between downpours we get to enjoy the same clear and cloudless blue skies as the rest of Southern Africa. Such skies are amazing and have to be seen to be believed.

As is now our custom on Thursdays, Dean took sandwiches from Joel's nursery to the Chris Nissen créche. Today was a bit different as the mums had each contributed some nice 'smellies' to bless the ladies who run the créche. As you can see in the photo below they were delighted with their hamper of goodies.

l to r: Mabel, Elize, Gertrude & Tracey


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