Busy Times Ahead..

Having had a hectic weekend of birthday parties and 'Project Fix It' this week is about to get a lot busier and more hectic. Dean has a ton of stuff to do in preparation for part 2 of Project Fix It such as collating the outstanding jobs, sorting teams for Saturday and buying the outstanding resources needed all of which needs to be squeezed in between his language studies.

On Tuesday Dean starts an intensive Afrikaans language course at Stellenbosch university for the next three weeks. Unfortunately, this clashes directly with the school holidays so Paula will have no real support from Dean during this time. So we're not really looking forward to the immediate complications of the next few weeks but we're really excited about the longer term benefits, especially if Dean does get a good handle on the language. Also, Dean's not looking forward to the daily commute into Stellenbosch, the peak time journey is a nightmare, so please pray for safety on the roads for him.

Please remember Paula Joel and Eli in your prayers in the coming days and weeks, school holidays in winter are never much fun as we all tend to go a bit stir crazy. Hopefully the rains will hold off for most of the time so at least the boys will be able to play outside. This week isn't too bad as Joel will be at Emyezweni in Lwandle tomorrow morning whilst Eli will continue at his nursery this week. Paula will then be looking for some help and support for the following two weeks and is hoping to "maak 'n plan" with some of the mums of Joel's friends.

Oh yes, Dean went to a braai (BBQ) on Saturday with Eli to watch the Springboks take on the All Blacks and had a lot of fun winding up the bok supporters :)

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