Project Fix It - Part 2

On Saturday we completed part 2 of our Project Fix It with a great turnout of folk from church getting involved. This was a great time of blessing for our friends in CNP and a great way for church members to build relationships with people they might not ordinarily mix with.

The feed back from the two days has been very positive so hopefully we'll be able to follow it up later in the year.

David mixing some concrete

Debs & Joan working hard

Rod preparing the step for the concrete

Love those wellies!

David, Joan & Debs admiring their handiwork

Riel, James & a friend patching up Aletta's roof

James looking pleased that his mum's window is replaced

Malcolm & Ruben preparing the new door for Mama Jane's house

Joseph preparing the ground for Dina's new toilet

Rod & Eric sorting out Anne's front step. Rod also built a rain channel to prevent the house from flooding

Ruben fitting the lock to Peter's new door

Aunty Henna with her new front step


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