Mums Come Out In Force

Today saw the culmination of months of prayer, planning and hard work as Paula hosted a meeting in the tent at Chris Nissen for mums of 0-3 year olds and mums to be. The idea was to reach out to this particular section of the community and find a way of getting alongside them as friends on common ground. To do this Paula and 2 fellow mums from the church held a coffee morning with talks on the benefits of breastfeeding and good nutrition for babies followed by a short gospel message.

As always with these things we had no idea how many would come and we had been praying through all the practicalities like good weather so that mums would turn out etc etc. Paula was hoping for between 5 and 10 women/teens. Praise God, 26 mums and at least 10 of the older women who care for youngsters turned up and had great fun listening to shared wisdom and advice.

Although many were reluctant to open up publicly for questions, several of the women and girls spoke with us afterwards and we were able to share advice on problems with feeding etc. It was totally refreshing to be laughing about cabbage leaves in bras rather than worrying about how to solve the latest feud in CNP!! Paula now has some really good follow-up for the coming weeks and we pray that God would open doors here for new friendships and contacts in the community. We are also praying that some of the women will want to volunteer to be trained up to make and sell their own baby food in the community.

All in all Paula was thrilled by the response and we are enjoying basking in some encouragement for a change. It has also been great for her cell group to see such massive answers to their prayers for this meeting and for the involvement of church members in CNP, which is increasing all the time.

A goodnumber of young mums turned out

So obvious that these mums long for support & help


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