Time Capsule

Not long ago I stumbled upon a Blog entitled Telstar Logistics where they were following the story of a time capsule which had been buried in Tulsa in 1957 to be dug up 50 years later in 2007. The time capsule consisted of a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere and a few other items. Unfortunately at the time of burying the Plymouth it's proneness to rust was still unknown.

The initial excitement at the uncovering of the time capsule was maintained right through until the final official unveiling of the car and capsule when clearly things had not gone quite as expected. Good humour seems to have prevailed throughout the event and even though things weren't quite as hoped it all looked like a pretty cool thing to have done.

Follow the full story here:

1957 Plymouth to Emerge from Tulsa Time Capsule
Uh-oh! Tulsa's 1957 Time Capsule Is Filled with Water
Tulsa's 1957 Plymouth Becomes a Monument to the Cruel Ravages of Time

You can also see a complete photo presentation of the unearthing and unveiling of the time capsule at: Michael Bates' Photos


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