Love Hate Relationship

Today summed up my love hate relationship with Chris Nissen Park. I'd been in the morning on behalf of the Red Cross and had a great time with my friends there as the purpose of the visit was to find the best way to spend R10,000. One particular church member was very happy and helpful! Then this afternoon I went in with Duncan (Morgen's father) who gave a 30 minute basic first aid training session for the ladies running the creche before helping sort their electrics out in the container where they work.

Lo and behold our dear church member comes by wanting to know what we're doing and when I tell her she gets really angry telling me that I'm " unfair on the church members, ignoring their needs but helping others." This really annoyed me! Whilst we are in CNP to support our church members and help them win the community for Christ, we're also there to build God's kingdom and we'll do that any way we can. Whilst the early church made sure that none amongst them had need, they (and we) made sure that they were obedient to Jesus final command to "Go". How I wish some of our church members would grasp this and start caring about the lost in their own community.

Sometimes I really love Chris Nissen, some times I hate the place.


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