A Proper Curry At Last

We died and went to heaven on Sunday! Yes you did miss the rapture. Heaven was an assortment of real Indian curries cooked by Caroline (Morgen's mum). The food was sublime and we had a really relaxing afternoon with some other parents from Joel's school and Caroline's dad, Maurice who is visiting from the UK. Maurice is originally from India and having lived in Norwood for many years is also a Palace fan which makes him a top bloke! Dean & Maurice spent much of the afternoon playing pool but only when not eating curry. Joel had a ball with his friends Liam & Morgen, so much so that this morning he could only talk about Liam's house and going to play there again.

On Saturday Joel went to Stuart's 'Super Hero' 4th birthday party and had a riotous time charging around the garden and having sword fights with his friends. Eli found the food table and assumed his normal position, demolishing a fair proportion of what was on the plates.

Dean was delighted with his unexpected Father's Day present of three bottles of wine from Eli. Judging from the labels it would appear he may have a little cottage industry of his own on the go.

Stuart (left) and some of his Super Hero buddies

Even Super Hero's need birthday cake

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  1. Real Curry?! You jammy gits, we are sooooo jealous!!! Argentinian food is high quality, think Italian, so there's a lot of good yummy stuff, the ice cream is out of this world, but they really don't believe in strong flavours so curries and chillies, forget it, the most highly flavoured we ever get is oregano.


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