Update (Of Sorts)

How to update without getting into trouble with someone? Probably not possible so here goes..

Chris Nissen is a real challenge at present. Mainly because some of our church members are behaving appallingly and preventing other non members in the community from either coming to church or trying out one of our groups. 

 This is very frustrating and not exactly honouring of Jesus' instruction to "Go..". Our frustration is further compounded by a lack of support from the church leadership who keep saying "No" to our various strategies for dealing with the issues whilst failing to offer any positive solutions themselves. This is probably why we've not Blogged for a while.

I took Trevor, Tom & Basil to see Vicky at the TB hospital in Cape Town on Friday. As ever it was great to see him, especially as he's doing so well. Vicky has become a bit of a celebrity as he seems to be one of the few patients actually enjoying his stay and has never caused the staff any problems or tried to abscond (one patient was in the process of absconding as we arrived so we unwittingly foiled his plan!).

Despite the frustrations we're seeing some great stuff happen both in CNP and personally. One of the best things to have happened is Joel's school have adopted the CNP créche and are providing sandwiches and fruit for the children every Thursday. Joel is particularly proud that his Daddy takes the sandwiches to the créche. On Friday Paula took two other mums in with her which looks like it may result in some serious input to the créche.

Watch this space for a personal update in the next day or two.


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