Roofing Sheets

The Red Cross recently asked us to spend R10,000 on their behalf, the only condition being that the money be used to buy things for those in the greatest need. After a brief assessment (limited by time) we decided that aluminium roofing sheets would be very useful for those living in shacks. The money enabled us to buy 150 roofing sheets and enough nails to secure them (however, the recipients must take responsibility for fitting them). Today Dean delivered the sheets to those who needed them.

Fila outside her shack with her gift of 20 roofing sheets. Currently her shack is covered with black plastic which has torn in the wind causing it to leak. Hopefully Fila will make a plan to have the roof sorted over the weekend.

Anne sat inside her new shack. Anne's previous shack was tiny and leaked really badly as she had no proper roofing materials.

Anne's front door

Anne used the roofing sheets in some interesting ways, but at least now she sleeps in the dry. As you could imagine she was delighted with the gift from the Red Cross.


  1. Wow - you are doing great work there! I can imagine that these roofing sheets mean a lot to these poor people. Bless you.

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