Weekend In Montagu

We escaped to Montagu at the weekend and spent a few nights on the farm we visited earlier in the year. The boys had a ball and we were able to chill out a bit before getting back into the routine of school & nursery runs juggled with work commitments etc.

We were very blessed on our last night when Mike the farm mechanic baby-sat for us so we could enjoy the highlights of Montagu's nightlife. Sadly Montagu has no nightlife! Despite that we really did have a lot of fun together.

Joel on yet another swing

At 'Kanonkop' overlooking Montagu

Another favoured pastime, throwing stones in rivers

Something was very funny

Joel & Eli desperately wanted to feed the donkey but were too scared

Eli has a go anyway

It was great to chill and play together as a family

Eli seems to adore all animals

Everything had to be investigated and fiddled with

Dinner time

Joel on the 'Zugor' swing

Cute as ever

Cheeky chappies

Joel shows Eli how to jump off the rocks


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